How Cotopaxi Scaled with Netsuite and ShipStation

Published on October 6, 2023
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About Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi is an outdoors company based in Salt Lake City, Utah that specialize in backpacks, apparel, and camping equipment. They’re dedicated to promoting social good and are a certified B corporation, meaning they balance profit with mission by giving 1% of their annual revenue to charity. Cotopaxi is able to spend fewer resources on their fulfillment and supply-chain management and instead focus on growing their business and helping non-profits to combat poverty, distribute mosquito nets, and provide education to those in need. Beyond their philanthropy, Cotopaxi uses repurposed recyclable materials in their products to diminish their environmental footprint.

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This company philosophy has allowed Cotopaxi’s demand and customer base to grow. But growing and scaling a business isn’t as easy as buying more merchandise, particularly for such an ambitious company. And as they’ve grown, they’ve had new obstacles to overcome. Luckily, Cotopaxi has scaled smoothly.

How Netsuite Helps Enterprise Brands Scale

Many enterprise-level businesses have detailed tech stacks, and there is a need for high-level softwares to integrate and communicate as part of a larger solution seamlessly. Cotopaxi’s director of ops and data integrity, Sean Weinle, explains,

“A lot of it comes down to what we’re trying to do as a company and what works. You have to look at 2 things, you have your system for doing things, and you try and layer your business processes on top of that. But if the system doesn’t have those pieces in place natively, You may have to look for a separate system to do that. Netsuite does a good job of housing our financials and keeping the main brain of keeping our orders.”

Sean Weinle, Cotopaxi’s Director of Ops and Data Integrity

How ShipStation Expedites The Shipping Process

ShipStation accommodates many different workflows. Cotopaxi has expanded their picking processes to include Nova Module. ShipStation still stands at the finish line to tie everything together:

“We then use Nova Module to push the orders into ShipStation so that all the orders are in the box and ready to be weighed. It does the order evaluation of what’s quickest and/or what’s cheapest. Then the item is pretty much ready to be shipped out. Then we communicate that back to Netsuite, then back to Shopify that the items have shipped. It’s a nice flow despite going through all these systems. So ShipStation still fits in these systems.”

Sean Weinle, Cotopaxi’s Director of Ops and Data Integrity

As a company takes on each new challenge, its existing platforms should grow with it. As Cotopaxi has grown and incorporated more enterprise-specific tools and softwares such as Netsuite, ShipStation still fits perfectly into their workflow.

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