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OpenCart Integration

Feature-rich and user-friendly, ShipStation is integrated with OpenCart to provide you with a minimal-cost way to get your business online.


ShipStation can help you save time and put forth a unified brand image for your business with our OpenCart shipping module. Just like you can customize OpenCart to your needed specifications, you can also customize ShipStation. From features like shipping automation rules, where you can set up what happens to an order when it’s imported, to custom e-mail templates and more, our OpenCart shipping extension has everything you need to manage ecommerce orders easily.


Weight, Images, Item Options are all pulled in if sent from OpenCart

Gift Wrap Note is included in Gift Message

Will set gift on order if a gift wrap message exists

Notes from buyer, Internal Notes

Shipping Method, Tracking # and Shipment Status posted


Use batches to easily create hundreds of OpenCart shipping labels at once

Ship via nearly any carrier with our Royal Mail, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and other carrier integrations

Your Orders
Import all your orders from all your marketplaces as well as our OpenCart store.

About OpenCart

OpenCart is a free open-source self-hosted shopping cart platform that is available for you to build your ecommerce store even if you don’t have any programming experience. With plug-ins and a friendly GUI (graphical user interface), you can customize it to fit your business. If you have a developer, you can even customize work to fit in-tandem with the OpenCart ecommerce platform perfectly. As an OpenCart partner, ShipStation integrates with OpenCart shipping to provide premier support for all your OpenCart shipping needs. Start your free 30 day trial today!

Opencart Faqs

How can I integrate multiple shipping carriers with my OpenCart e-commerce?

ShipStation offers a comprehensive solution for integrating a variety of carriers. By linking OpenCart with ShipStation, you can centralise and manage all your carrier interactions within one platform, ensuring a smooth shipping process.

Is there a way to reduce manual data entry for shipping details on my OpenCart platform?

Absolutely, ShipStation can synchronise order data from your OpenCart store. This means automatic importing of shipping details, reducing manual data entry, minimising errors, and saving valuable time.

Can I offer my OpenCart customers real-time shipping rate calculations?

With ShipStation integration, you can leverage real-time rate calculations across various carriers. This not only provides transparency but also allows your OpenCart customers to select the most suitable shipping option for them.

How can I manage high-volume shipping periods, like sales or holiday seasons, on OpenCart?

ShipStation offers batch processing capabilities, which means you can handle bulk shipments efficiently. Integrating this with your OpenCart platform ensures that even during high-volume periods, shipping remains streamlined and efficient.

I’m looking to expand my OpenCart business internationally. How can I manage international shipping smoothly?

ShipStation provides features tailored for international shipping, such as automated customs documentation. Pairing this with OpenCart ensures you’re well-prepared to handle global shipments, mitigating common challenges associated with cross-border e-commerce.

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