Resolving Delivery Issues in the Digital Holiday Era: A New Strategy for Retailers

Published on December 15, 2023
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In a year where online holiday spending is set to reach $389 billion, the season becomes a challenge for many e-commerce retailers to resolve delivery issues innovatively. ShipStation’s Peak Season Report 2023: Building a risk-resistant ecommerce strategy steps in as more than just a guide; it’s a strategic toolkit for retailers to excel in this new digital era, tackling consumer expectations, delivery issues and operational hurdles with tact. 

Unpacking Consumer Preferences

The modern consumer’s expectation from delivery services is an intricate mix of speed, affordability, and transparency. Quick delivery is no longer a luxury but a necessity, as the clock ticks faster during the holidays. The challenge for retailers lies in marrying this need for speed with cost-effective solutions, all the while keeping the customer in the loop with transparent communication. These preferences are the new benchmarks for online shopping.

ShipStation’s report provides a comprehensive analysis of these shifting preferences. It’s a deep dive into the needs of today’s consumers, offering actionable insights for retailers to align their delivery services with these emerging trends.

Redefining Delivery Strategies for the Festive Season

The willingness of consumers to pay for premium services, like next-day delivery, reveals an opportunity for online merchants. With Deloitte‘s finding that 8 in 10 people are willing to meet a minimum purchase threshold for free shipping and our research showing 78% of younger, tech-savvy shoppers also indicating they’d pay extra for faster delivery, retailers have a clear signal to diversify their options to cut down on delivery issues.

The concept of dual delivery models comes into play here. By offering a mix of standard and premium delivery services, retailers can address a broader spectrum of customer needs. This approach is particularly pertinent considering the 45% of Australians that say shipping costs are too high. A strategic blend of delivery options can be the key to satisfying cost-conscious customers while tapping into additional revenue streams.

Adapting to Delivery Issues

Addressing delivery demands during the holiday rush is about smart adaptations and leveraging the right tools. Late deliveries and missing parcels – concerns for 40% and 37% of consumers, respectively – call for solutions that ensure both speed and security. Real-time tracking, a feature highly valued by 15% of consumers, becomes critical here.

The challenge extends to managing costs, especially when 46% of Australian consumers intend to spend less in the last months of 2023. Retailers must proceed with a keen eye on balancing efficiency with cost-saving measures. Navigating the holiday season’s delivery issues and challenges requires more than traditional methods. Retailers need to arm themselves with the knowledge and tools necessary to turn this high-pressure season into an opportunity to deliver excellence and strengthen customer loyalty.

As the digital holiday shopping era accelerates, understanding and adapting to changing consumer expectations is key for retailers. The challenge isn’t just in the logistics of handling increased orders; it’s in mastering the art of meeting nuanced consumer demands. ShipStation’s Peak Season Report 2023 illuminates how consumers value not just the product but the entire delivery experience. This includes a preference for flexible return policies, a detail often overlooked by retailers but highly valued by consumers.

The Art of Balancing Cost and Quality in Delivery

The trend is clear: consumers, while looking to cut back on spending, still place a high value on quality delivery services.

Our research reveals: 

  • 39% of shoppers feel the impact of high shipping costs, making it imperative for retailers to find a balance between offering competitive pricing and maintaining a high level of delivery service.
  • 37% of consumers express concern over potentially stolen or missing parcels, a worry that can be alleviated with enhanced options that reduce delivery issues.

ShipStation’s guide emphasises that the solution lies in creative strategies like offering a range of delivery options, from economical to premium, to cater to different consumers. 

Leveraging technology is a crucial component of an effective delivery strategy, as retailers need to employ smart solutions to keep up with delivery expectations. This could include adopting technologies that enable faster order processing and delivery, as well as systems that provide consumers with real-time updates on their orders. Tools like ShipStation streamline the shipping process for retailers by offering seamless integration with over a hundred global carriers, simplifying tasks such as label generation and pickup scheduling. This efficiency reduces manual labour and enhances accuracy, ensuring a reliable and smooth shipping experience for retailers and customers alike.

The Future of E-commerce Delivery

As online merchants prepare for the next phase in the lead-up to Christmas, the Peak Season Report 2023: Building a risk-resistant ecommerce strategy is a forward-thinking manual that helps retailers get ready for the challenges and opportunities of the digital holiday season. Download the report to better understand how to meet customer needs both innovatively and strategically this season, ensuring that your business stays ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving market.

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