How Logicbroker and ShipStation Help BidetKing Automate Shipping

Published on August 31, 2023
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About BidetKing

In 2010, launched as a dropship ecommerce site focused on bidet toilet seats. As their sales grew, their operations expanded. Over the past decade, they have grown at a steady pace and have solidified an effective, streamlined shipping workflow. Currently, they have three fulfillment warehouses where they fulfill their multichannel orders. They sell on their own Magento-hosted website as well as across marketplaces such as Home Depot, Overstock, Wayfair, and Amazon. They have even developed a private label product called Alpha Bidet. Being able to automate shipping has helped them scale more efficiently.

How the Pandemic Affected Their Workflow

Even with this sustained growth, there are times when your team is put to the test. We all remember how early in the COVID pandemic toilet paper had become next to impossible to find. This gave bidets a huge boost in sales—especially since they help households reduce toilet paper usage by an average of 80%. However, increased sales—particularly during a pandemic—can lead to a lot more work.

James Lin, BidetKing’s VP of Sales and Marketing, remembers, “We were working around the clock to get orders processed and shipped and we were still running a week behind.”

Having a manual workflow may work fine when you’re dealing with a small volume of daily orders. But when you get sharp influxes of orders, automation becomes essential. Different marketplaces may require billing to specific carrier accounts or carry other guidelines. These criteria are easy to recognize, but sorting through all of your orders can become a massive time suck.

“With the ShipStation and Logicbroker stack, we’ve eliminated so many manual steps that our entire order processing flow can be accomplished by a single person in 1-2 hours. We can keep our team lean and still be ready for the next bidet boom.”

-James Lin, VP of Sales and Marketing at BidetKing

Automation is Key

Lin echoes many other ShipStation users in calling automation and batch processing his favorite features. ShipStation’s automation rules and batch printing do more than eliminate manually configuring each order. They also remove the risk of human error associated with it. Regardless of what you sell, reducing the computer side of shipping down to a few clicks also avoids bottlenecks in the packing process. Lin also states that ShipStation and Logicbroker emphasis on “automation is key to scaling effectively.”

Automation is definitely key to scaling effectively. Regardless of a business’s size, order volume, or tech stack, automating key processes in your workflow reduces work hours. This has also helped allow BidetKing to work with a leaner crew. 

“Our partnership with ShipStation fills a critical need in digital commerce,” states Niki Antonelli, Director of Partner Strategy at Logicbroker. “Together, we deliver the best in fulfillment technology and drop ship automation, and our mutual customers are able to efficiently scale their operations and have the systems in place to tackle future growth.”

Logicbroker and ShipStation Lets You Fulfill All Your Orders Efficiently

As stated above, BidetKing sells across multiple platforms: Magento, Home Depot, OverStock, Amazon, and Wayfair. ShipStation may integrate with some of these marketplaces, but many larger platforms such as OverStock and Home Depot require middleware EDI solutions to integrate with shipping platforms. EDI communication ensures the seamless transmission of procurement documents between retailers and their brand suppliers. While this can add an extra step to your tech stack, it also gives you the advantage of automating areas of your workflow. For instance, Logicbroker automatically invoices BidetKing’s various marketplaces—saving even more time. Additionally, BidetKing has a suite of flexible integration options they can offer their suppliers, while ensuring they themselves are retailer compliant with larger retail channels. Lin’s advice to other merchants is: “Eliminating manual steps in your most time-demanding processes will allow you to scale effectively and save on overhead and labor costs.”

Logicbroker and ShipStation have created an efficient workflow that allows them to keep up with their demand—even if they experience another surge in sales. Their mission is to spread the appeal of bidets in America. They plan to grow and lead their space until bidets are as mainstream as toilet paper. Knowing that Logicbroker provides an EDI solution to integrate any new marketplace they sell on helps wherever they may grow to. ShipStation’s automation rules and batch printing lets them know that they can scale their shipping with the rest of their operations. 

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