Avalara, Simplifying Sales Tax So You Can Sell More

Published on January 4, 2022
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When we hear the word “tax” or the prompt to “file your taxes,” the average person probably cringes a little (or a lot), grumbles as they try to find their receipts and W2s, and then glares at the TurboTax pop-up that asks how you feel about filing your taxes. But at least we have TurboTax and don’t have to figure it out ourselves.

The eCommerce business world is very much the same. There are different sales tax laws in each state. The more states you operate in, the bigger your headache becomes.

Cue Avalara. Our new friends and partners at Avalara have heard your cries of terror and dread and are here to help.

Think of Avalara as the eCommerce TurboTax. Their TrustFile software:

  • Knows the varied deadlines and requirements per state and county so that you don’t have to.
  • Consildates sales data from all your channels
  • Prepares signature-ready returns
  • Factors in tax exempt sales

Sounds great, right? But, that’s not our favorite feature.

Because we love automation and it’s such a big part of our mission statement to be exceptionally efficient, our favorite Avalara TrustFile feature is the fact that you can automate your tax return filing. We can’t resist partnering up with people whose sole business is to handle the hard, complicated, but necessary part of a business to enable businesses to focus on selling.

Learn more about the Avalara and ShipStation Partnership and follow the link below to begin your free ShipStation trial today!

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