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Published on January 4, 2022
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The praises of ecommerce are sung wherever you look– low overhead costs, the growth and globalization of businesses, customer convenience, etc. While these praises may be true for many, ecommerce poses some serious challenges for businesses. Canada is projected to increase online sales to $55.8B in 2020, an 89% increase from 2015. It is no surprise that ecommerce will continue to grow rapidly, but to do so efficiently, some challenges need to be conquered. eCommerce Canada has dedicated their business to understanding and solving ecommerce inefficiencies in Canada.

ecommerce challenges

  • Myth of Low Overhead: Ecommerce businesses are notorious for low overhead costs, but this is often not the reality. As your company grows, product production will grow. Whatever warehouse, fulfillment, or 3PL option you choose will cost you significantly. Costs involved with ecommerce are often difficult to predict, and leave some business owners
  • Data Gap: A single, comprehensive database for Canadian ecommerce does not yet exist. eCommerce Canada is helping solve this problem. Compiling concrete business data from ecommerce merchants will give businesses power. Register your company with eCommerce Canada to both contribute to and access a growing database.
  • Talent Shortage: There is a lack of experienced, knowledgeable ecommerce specialists.
  • Transfer of Knowledge: Ecommerce faces its own unique challenges. Canadian businesses would benefit from a connected network of ecommerce experts and sellers. Being connected to industry professionals will help everyone grow and improve their business.


These challenges may seem daunting, but connecting the ecommerce community in Canada will be instrumental in finding solutions. Comprehensive data and communication between Canadian ecommerce businesses will give both small and large businesses the power to run their business from a place of knowledge and experience. eCommerce Canada also provides ecommerce businesses with website development, ecommerce operational consulting, digital marketing, industry data collection, and more to support them in their growth.

ShipStation is excited to partner with eCommerce Canada, a company as passionate about educating ecommerce sellers as we are. Join us and see how  ShipStation and eCommerce Canadacan help you sell and ship more efficiently!


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