ShipStation 101: Branding, Part II: Branded Shipping Labels

October 20, 2016
branded shipping labels

Welcome back to ShipStation 101! In our first installment, we discussed branding your packing slips. Now let’s move onto our second lesson: branded shipping labels.

The shipping label is what gets your customer their order. But for the most part, the label itself has approximately zero to do with your business or your brand. It’s all about the carrier. Their logo. Their name. You get a bit of space in the return address line, but really, the label isn’t about you.

But it can be.

By adding your logo and some label messages to your shipping label, you’ll put a small but personal touch on one of the least personable parts of shipping.

How to Set Up Branded Shipping Labels in ShipStation

Head to Account Settings > Printing > Label Setup and then clicking on “Document Options” to the right of “Labels”.

Branding In App

In case you didn’t see our blog on branding your packing slips, here’s how you can upload your logo to ShipStation for use on labels, packing slips, emails, and the branded tracking page:

  • Head to Account Settings > Selling Channels > Store Setup and then select your store.
  • From there, click over to the Branding tab.
  • Add something to everything! Your logo, social handles, company name—if you can fill out those fields, fill them out!

Tips for Your Branded Shipping Labels

Your label messages can be as simple as “Thanks for ordering” or you can include product information. It’s really up to you! Just keep in mind there is a character limit (due to the size of the labels) so always preview your label to make sure the message comes across well.

Keep in mind that due to the nature of shipping labels, your logo will be in black and white. So again, PREVIEW before printing.

Once you’ve added your logo and settled on label messages, get to printing and start slapping them on boxes!

Why Ecommerce Branding Matters

Branding your packing slips, or shipping labels, or confirmation emails, or anything else is essential to creating a connection with your customers. In this day and age, brand loyalty is the difference between exceeding your sales expectations and maintaining the status quo.

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