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Published on August 9, 2022
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After we brought you 6 Weeks of Speed last year, we knew we had to follow-up with something worthy of those features, something that would change the way you use ShipStation and save you even more time. We’re talking about shipping orders twice as fast as before. Enter Quickship.

It used to be that when you created a label, you would be taken to a cost summary page and you might see a warning or an error. When you turn Quickship on, those pages disappear. Instead, the label is created in our new Print Queue, where the label—or any errors or warnings—will generate. This lets you keep right on with your work as the labels generate in the background.

You can turn this on via Account Settings > Display Options > General Preferences:

Once enabled, your account’s admin can decide which users get Quickship from Account Settings > Account > User Management.

By checking that box, you’ll prevent that specific user from utilizing Quickship. This’ll be handy for new or temporary employees, while they get used to ShipStation and your workflow.

Let your veteran users and employees give this a shot and watch your productivity increase. Whether you’re a high-volume shipper or a Mom & Pop, this will drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to process orders, whether in batches or individually.

If you want to dig deeper into Quickship and the new Label Queue, just click on each of those to get in-depth details on our Knowledge Base.

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