Six Weeks of Speed, Part I: Fastest Search Around

Published on January 4, 2022
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The future is faster. Whether it’s the Tesla Model S, Apple’s A9 processor, or Google Fiber, technology speeds up for the better, offering you a more efficient means of transportation, a super-charged computer masked as a mobile device, or even just a simpler internet experience.

ShipStation is no different: we were founded on efficiency—by way of speed—back in 2011. Since then, the integrations we’ve built, partnerships we’ve forged, and features we’ve added serve one purpose: to make you exceptionally efficient at fulfilling orders. Now we’re giving you new features that build upon that foundation and take ShipStation—and your business—further.

Six Weeks of Speed

Every week for the next six weeks, we’ll roll out a new feature—some proposed by you, our users—designed to save even more time as you navigate the world of shipping and fulfillment. We’ll tell you about it on our blog and after you’ve read it, you’ll already be able to see it for yourself live in ShipStation.

Without further ado, this week’s feature is out of the blocks with a bang! Quick Search has always been speedy, thus the name. But we aren’t the types to sit back and enjoy JUST a Quick Search. No, we wanted something better for you. As such, we’re thrilled to unveil our immensely speedier search. It’s Faster than Fast. See for yourself:

FastestSearch2 (1)

That was blink-and-you-might-miss-it fast. The moment—the very instant—we started typing in “Barry Allen”, Quick Search displayed the number of hits in each category (73 in Awaiting Shipment). You can even go a step further and allow ShipStation to show suggestions:


Welcome to the future, shippers. With all the time our Faster than Fast Quick Search will save, you could open up a second ecommerce business! Now go forth and get ship done, faster than ever before.

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I'm Joey, ShipStation's Content & Social Media Coordinator. I spent over a year on ShipStation's Support team which has given me great insight into our product and our customers. Outside of work, you'll find me writing, getting into one of Austin's great microbrews, or relaxing on a trail with my mutt.

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