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Published on January 4, 2022
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Welcome Shopgate to the ShipStation family!

What is mCommerce?

Mobile commerce, also called mobile ecommerce or “mCommerce”, is any monetary transaction through the use of a wireless handheld device. These can include devices such as a laptop, tablet, mobile phone, or a personal digital assistant. An advancement of ecommerce, mCommerce enables people to sell and buy goods or services from almost anywhere around the world.

As Forbes estimated that mobile sales reached $107B in 2017, understanding what is mobile commerce and the use of mCommerce in industries serves as a new way to grow sales and services. With the popularity of mCommerce skyrocketing, we can only expect these numbers to go up in 2018.

And this is where ShopGate comes in, these guys know mCommerce. Shopgate, a leading ecommerce SaaS platform, allows retailers to launch, maintain, and optimize native apps for mobile (iOS & Android). With the use of this growing segment of eCommerce, ShopGate allows for customers to shop anywhere, anytime and helps you build and retain customer loyalty.

Here are some ways ShopGate helps build mobile commerce through their SaaS platform.

Shopgate’s Key Features

  • Native iOS and Android apps
  • Advanced push notification engine, including user segmentation
  • Total design control with a suite of easy-to-use widgets
  • Simplified payment options such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet for faster checkout
  • Unlimited discounting, couponing and promotions options
  • Pre-built integrations with leading analytics platforms including Appsflyer and Facebook for Apps

Don’t fall behind the market and miss out on mobile sales this year. ShipStation and Shopgate together will streamline the mobile shopping and shipping experience.

Learn more about ShipStation’s partnership with Shopgate and click the banner below to start your free ShipStation trial!

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