AI in Marketing: The New Frontier in Logistics

Published on April 19, 2024
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is moving from an emerging technology to an essential ecommerce business tool. Unlike other newer technologies, such as blockchain or the metaverse, AI directly enhances the customer journey by tailoring and streamlining shopping experiences. This blog, inspired by Shipstation’s Ecommerce Delivery Benchmark Report 2024, will delve into how AI is transforming retail logistics, helping businesses streamline operations and enhance customer interactions. As we see a merger of digital and physical shopping realms, with 75% of shoppers weaving between the two, AI’s role is increasingly becoming central, promising significant advancements in customer experience and operational efficiency.

AI in Business 

Generative AI is reshaping the way customers shop before they even make a purchase. By leveraging massive datasets, AI enables businesses to deeply understand and predict customer preferences and behaviours. This insight helps create dynamic recommendation engines that tailor product suggestions with unprecedented accuracy. These AI-driven tools enhance the marketing approach by ensuring that each customer interaction is personalised, which significantly increases engagement and conversion rates. The direct result is that marketing becomes not just about selling products but about creating compelling, customised consumer journeys that resonate on a personal level. Additionally, AI in marketing optimises budgets by pinpointing the most effective strategies and channels for each demographic, maximising return on investment. These technological advancements in marketing not only improve the efficiency of campaigns but also build stronger, lasting relationships with customers.

McKinsey & Company reports that generative AI holds the potential to boost marketing productivity significantly, ranging from 5 to 15 per cent of a company’s total marketing spend. This advancement could represent an added value of approximately $463 billion USD each year, illustrating the profound efficiency and return on investment AI could bring to marketing strategies.

Customer communications

Conversational commerce via AI is transforming the landscape of customer service by enabling more fluid, intuitive interactions that go far beyond the capabilities of traditional chatbots. AI-powered conversational tools are now able to conduct dialogues with customers that feel natural and personal, simulating a human-like interaction. This technology allows businesses to provide immediate assistance and product recommendations, adapting responses based on the context of each customer’s needs and history. The shift to more sophisticated conversational AI means businesses can handle queries faster and more accurately, significantly enhancing the overall customer experience. These interactive systems not only respond to user inputs but also learn from each interaction, continuously improving their accuracy and relevance. Our Ecommerce Delivery Benchmark Report 2024 details that 31% of consumers are happy to use AI chatbots for updates on their orders, and 28% leverage them for managing returns and exchanges. So by providing a seamless, engaging, and responsive shopping experience, conversational AI tools are crucial in building customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Leverage Shipstation to optimise delivery logistics 

AI is significantly advancing the efficiency of delivery logistics. By implementing advanced algorithms, AI facilitates smarter route planning that reduces delivery times and costs. Real-time tracking updates are another major enhancement, ensuring customers are always informed about the status of their deliveries. This technological shift is crucial as 55% of consumers now expect deliveries to arrive within two days, setting a new standard for logistics performance. So, logistics systems powered by AI not only meet these expectations but also improve the overall customer experience by delivering reliability and speed.

ShipStation enhances the shipping process for online retailers by leveraging its powerful platform that connects with a vast network of global carriers. This broad connectivity allows retailers to offer flexible shipping options tailored to various customer preferences, efficiently balancing cost and delivery speed. ShipStation not only streamlines dispatches for quick, dependable deliveries but also supports business growth by simplifying the expansion into international markets, making it an invaluable tool for retailers aiming to broaden their reach.

Enhancing customer service and loyalty

AI-driven systems are transforming customer service by automating the handling of complex queries with greater precision and efficiency. Such systems are crucial in improving the accuracy and speed of responses, leading to more satisfactory customer interactions. The use of AI in customer service is particularly effective because it allows for 24/7 support capabilities, reducing wait times and increasing accessibility for customers. These improvements are reflected in the growing preference among consumers for AI-enhanced interactions, as AI helps resolve issues quickly and accurately.

AI in business excels in analysing customer feedback and purchase history to craft tailored offers and content, enhancing the post-purchase journey. Personalised post-purchase communication can turn one-time buyers into repeat customers, an essential strategy as businesses aim to enhance customer loyalty and increase sales.

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The transformative effects of generative AI across different stages of the ecommerce customer journey are profound. Shipstation data reveals that 54% of consumers prefer to shop online, which underscores the shift towards digital platforms and the necessity for retailers to refine their e-commerce strategies using AI. From refining logistics to personalising customer service and enhancing post-purchase engagement, AI is a powerful tool that ecommerce businesses must leverage to stay competitive in 2024.

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