ShipStation’s New Order Details Page: An Enhanced Shipping Workstation

Published on September 18, 2023
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ShipStation enables you to sort, manage, and dispatch orders from a single location. With ShipStation Carriers, you can discover the most competitive shipping rates. Moreover, once the order is shipped, we automatically transmit shipping data to customers and the selling channel. Providing a comprehensive solution for all your requirements is our core objective! Our efficiency tools take it a step further by assisting you in printing labels with greater speed and simplicity. Additionally, our newly enhanced Order Details page now furnishes you with an expanded array of necessary tools, empowering you to efficiently manage shipments from one central hub.

Enhancements and new Features for the Order Details Page:

ShipStation’s enhanced Order Details page offers you all the tools you require to efficiently manage your orders and Get Ship Done. Perform all tasks seamlessly, eliminating the need to repeatedly open and close orders to verify correctness. Below are some of the key enhancements.

Expanded Screen Space: Access additional details about the order, store, shipment, and buyer without the need for excessive scrolling, allowing you to work more efficiently.

Enhanced Multi-Shipment Experience: Delight in a more user-friendly multi-shipment experience that permits you to handle distinct shipments in dedicated tabs for improved efficiency.

Expanded Order Configurations: Modify a broader range of order details, such as Ship-to Addresses, Assigned To, and Shipment-level prices.

Enhanced Order Summary: Access crucial order-level data from your store, including Order Items and Sold To information.

ShipStation Welcomes Your Feedback

ShipStation’s primary mission is to offer a more straightforward and cost-effective shipping solution. We are committed to crafting shipping experiences that align with our customers’ preferences, and this commitment drove the development of our new Order Details page. We greatly value the input and guidance of businesses that rely on our services, which in turn shapes the best features of ShipStation. Whether you’re a small-scale seller or a high-volume warehouse operator, ShipStation caters to various workflows and provides tools suitable for sellers at every level. If you’re an existing ShipStation user, we invite you to join our ShipStation Community! Share your insights, feedback, and ideas with fellow merchants and the ShipStation team. If you haven’t yet explored ShipStation, we offer a range of efficiency tools and services that can save you both time and money, something every business can benefit from!

Automation Features in ShipStation

ShipStation’s automation rules are actions that apply to orders that meet certain criteria. For example, let’s say you want orders of a certain weight to be shipped with UPS Australia, you can set that up. Want every other domestic order to go with Australia Post? You can set that up too! You can log into ShipStation and just click print! 

Branded Tracking in ShipStation

Copy and pasting tracking numbers into a selling channel is a real pain. ShipStation automatically sends tracking data back to your selling channel and sends a shipping confirmation email to your customer. When they click on the tracking link, they see a custom tracking page with order information and updated tracking events instead of the carrier’s page. You can include links to your website, so they can reach out to you with any questions. They can also engage with your social media accounts. Everyone opens shipping confirmation emails, and a great shipping experience can bring customers back more easily. 

Carriers Supported by ShipStation

You want to pay less for shipping, it’s a fact! With ShipStation Carriers, you can save up to 84% on shipping costs with instant access to carriers like  UPSAustralia PostDHL Express and many more. There’s always going to be the best shipping service for your shipment. With ShipStation Carriers, you can find the perfect carrier for your shipments! Use our shipping calculator tool to discover the discounts available. 

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