10 Instagram Marketing Tips You Need to Know Now

Published on January 4, 2022
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This post was contributed by Ksenia Emelianova, content marketer for X-Cart, the ecommerce platform with enterprise features at SMB cost.

Since the inception of Instagram in 2010, people across the globe have been hooked. According to TechCrunch, within less than a year, Instagram captivated 5 million users. Today, the platform now boasts 1 billion active monthly users.

Instagram is perfect for every time of the day. Scrolling on your lunch break, after work, or just when you need a break. And one thing is clear: People love Instagram.

If you’ve ever had to run an Instagram account for a brand, you understand how difficult it can be to create high-quality, interesting content and even know what to post. I know the feeling. At one time, I was solely responsible for our company’s social media marketing and blog.

To ease your creation woes, here are 10 Instagram marketing tips.

1. Use Creative and Professional Product Photos

Have several professional images of a single product? That’s great! Use a carousel to post up to 10 images inside one post. To increase your chances of a successful sale, add a shoppable link in your profile bio and mention this in a caption.

Add some fun to your Instagram marketing content. Are you selling clothes? Change it up! Roll them up and turn them into a very hungry caterpillar. Selling food? Create a funny, scrumptious composition where your product will play a role, too.

Making people smile is almost a guaranteed way to earn a like. And without consistent user engagement, your posts may disappear from your followers’ news feeds.

Example: Ben & Jerry’s

Instagram Marketing - Ben & Jerry's


2. Create Product Demo Videos

Upload a video to show what your products can do. FYI: the current limit is 60 seconds. A video will be more convincing for a potential buyer than 1,000 words written by a professional copywriter.

Below is an example from Carbon Coco, which is the craziest teeth whitener ever. Such an exciting video can’t help but grab the viewer’s attention!

Example: Carbon Coco

Instagram Marketing - Carbon Coco


3. Show the Results of Your Products or Services

Whether you’re a fitness trainer, a dentist, or a hairstylist, you have something to share. Just don’t forget to take a “before” picture prior to starting! The Instagram community loves transformation pictures.

Pro Tip: Use the hashtag #beforeafter for more views of your Instagram marketing content.

Example: Dr. Nassimagha

Instagram Marketing - Dr. Nassimagha


4. Take Advantage of User-Generated Content (UGC)

A great strategy to increase views to your page is to get your followers to create content for you. Here are some very simple ways you can engage them:

  • Run a contest.
  • Tell your followers to use a special hashtag if they want their photos featured on your page.
  • Let your followers know they can message you with content.

Example: CARiD

Instagram Marketing - CARiD


Example: Starbucks

Instagram Marketing - Starbucks


(Don’t forget to get a creator’s permission before reposting their content!)

5. Share Special Offers

Instagram is where your loyal audience resides. If they’re already interested in your brand, they’re most likely interested in buying your products at a more attractive price. An effective Instagram marketing strategy is to offer followers exclusive discounts.

Example: Lip Smacker

Instagram Marketing - LipSmackers


6. Tell User Stories

If you’re a B2B brand, you can reach more people by featuring your clients. It’s a win-win since you can show a happy customer, and they most likely will proudly repost the pic to their followers too.

Example: PayPal

Instagram Marketing - PayPal


7. Offer Sneak Peeks

Stirring up excitement with potential buyers before a product launched is proven to speed up purchase time.

According to the Rule of Seven, a prospect needs to come in contact with your product at least seven times before taking action. A sneak peek is a great way to be on the path to success!

To increase engagement, you should only release a couple details. Asking your followers to guess product details can be a fun way to increase excitement and engagement, too!

Example: Polly Plum Crochet

Instagram Marketing - Polly Plum


8. Poll Your Followers

Ask your followers what new product you should create next. This Instagram marketing strategy can drive more sales for the final product because you’ve vetted the design beforehand, and the customer feels more valued.

Example: ModCloth

Instagram Marketing - ModCloth


9. Post How-to Videos

Instructional videos are a good idea for brands who sell things like DIY supplies, educational courses, or any services. This product demo is more likely to be watched and liked since it brings extra value to a viewer beyond a product pitch.

Example: LoveCrochet

Instagram Marketing - Love Crochet


10. Run Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are some of the most powerful Instagram marketing tactics. These can boost your Instagram following more than anything else. That’s how top Instagram performers continue attracting people’s attention to their accounts.

Just remember: you want to keep all of these new followers. You will most likely see a spike in your follower count, but in order to keep them, you must keep posting great content. Otherwise, the followers who came to your account only to win your giveaway will unfollow you quickly.

To get everything you want out of a contest:

  • Offer your own products or services as a prize. It will help to build a following base that is interested in your business.
  • Work hard to post engaging content after the campaign to preserve the newcomers.

Example: DIFF Eyewear

Instagram Marketing - DIFF Eyewear


Instagram can be a great way to discover new customers and make them lifelong fans. Zeroing in on Instagram marketing is great because it can tell a story about your business and help you connect with your followers on a more personal level. Quality pictures can help illustrate your company’s brand, culture, and value in a more tangible way for consumers. We hope that you can take some of these tips to help invest in your company’s performance.

P.S. Don’t miss out on our follow-up post for even more Instagram marketing tips!

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