10 More Essential Instagram Marketing Tips

Published on January 4, 2022
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This post was contributed by Ksenia Emelianova, content marketer for X-Cart, the ecommerce platform with enterprise features at SMB cost.

Last week we posted an article discussing our 10 favorite Instagram marketing tips. But we came up with a few more and thought we should share them with you.

Creating an engaging Instagram account is an enormous challenge. Not only do you have to post great content but you also have to work within the restrictions of Instagram’s algorithm. The current algorithm shows photos based on three factors:

  • The probability the user will find the content interesting
  • The user’s relationship with the poster
  • The timeliness of the post

Content that isn’t interesting to the user and it isn’t posted at the right time won’t get many views. Thus, if you want users to see your content, you need to follow these Instagram marketing tips.

1. Host an Online Q&A Session

Comments and likes are the key parameters used by Instagram’s algorithm. So a Q&A will increase your company’s online engagement. Don’t forget to tag a poster before you respond so they get recognized!

Example: Gaynor Minden

Instagram Marketing - Gaynor Minden


2. Go Behind the Scenes

Customers care about how the products they buy are being produced and assembled. Interviewing the creators of handmade products can be an intimate and valuable experience.


Instagram Marketing - JMLEGAZEL


3. Showcase Your Philanthropic Side

If your company donates to a non-profit organization, let your followers know! Supporting a cause dear to your company’s heart shows you care about the community.

Share photos of your company working with a non-profit to motivate others to do the same. And people will connect you with your brand when you share your dedication.

Example: Dr. Mike

Instagram Marketing - Dr. Mike


4. Show Off Your Corporate Culture

Put a face on your company. Instagram is perfect for sharing photos from off-site events, exhibitions, and company holidays.

Example: Slack

Instagram Marketing - Slack


5. Educate Your Followers

Your account should be a reliable source of information for your followers. An artist can write about the pros and cons of acrylic paint. An actor can share his experiences on Broadway. A nutritionist can distribute a weekly food plan.

Customers are likely to see your social media more than your official website. So Instagram is a great place to educate users on your product. Using social media to show the value of your business can convert observers to buyers.

Example: How to Count Calories

Instagram Marketing - How to Count Calories


6. Tell Your Company’s Story

Followers will appreciate hearing about the history of your company. Discuss how your founders met or the reason behind the business. Interesting facts about your company makes it appear more personable and attractive.

Example: Carbon Coco

Instagram Marketing - Carbon Coco


7. Celebrate the Holidays

The holidays are the best time of year for Instagram posts. While there are numerous Instagram marketing tips and tricks, a fantastic way to boost sales is a holiday sale and discount.

People tend to splurge during the holiday season. This means a cheerful, bubbly post can offer plenty of benefits.

Example: Amazon

Instagram Marketing - Amazon


8. Talk About Recent Events

Discussing the latest new stories on Instagram is a solid Instagram marketing strategy. Are your followers fascinated by sports? Post a picture of the most recent Olympic Gold Medalist. Also, if a big news story affects your business, let everyone know how you’re adapting.

Example: Marie Claire

Instagram Marketing - Marie Claire


9. Share Your Favorite Quotes

Quotes resonate with anybody. Plenty of tools can help you design your own quotable images to inspire your followers. (Personally, we’re fans of Canva.)

Example: Amazon

Instagram Marketing - Amazon


10. Team Up With an Influencer

Instagram is experiencing crazy growth in influencer marketing these days. No need to pay exorbitant amounts to celebrities! And there are so many influencers to choose from.

By the way, X-Cart’s free guide covers these aspects of influencer marketing.

Example: Yella Bella

Instagram Marketing - Yella Bella


It’s easy to fall into a rut with your Instagram posts. Reflect on these Instagram marketing tips when you transform your content. Instagram can be your company’s secret weapon to a constant stream of fresh sales leads. Investing in your company’s Instagram account is sure to get people talking about your products. Let us know what you think about these tips and keep up with the blog for more helpful and actionable content!

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