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Published on January 4, 2022
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When it comes to visual marketing platforms, Instagram is an absolute force to be reckoned with as evidenced by their 600 million users. That equates to a considerable number of potential buyers and eventual customers. While you can always grow your Instagram account on your own, working with Instagram influencers is a popular way to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your Instagram efforts.

How to Find the Right One

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Finding the right influencer and one that will have the right impact on your marketing efforts isn’t difficult, you just have to know what to look for…


Do the values of your influencer align with those of your company or brand? Does your influencer’s following fit within your target audience spectrum? Looking for an influencer who can be tied to your company’s values and products is an essential consideration.

Posting Frequency

How often does this Instagram influencer post? The other numbers all matter but if you begin to realize that there isn’t as much posting frequency as you’d like then perhaps it isn’t the right fit.

Engagement Rate

This is especially important as Instagram has implemented a new algorithm to determine how posts are displayed. With this change, customer engagement is the leading factor in posting priority. When considering potential influencers, how often are followers interacting and engaging with the posts? We now know the more the better.

Who Else?

What other brands and companies are working with this influencer? Of course, competitors may raise a red flag but understanding the depth, experience, and resume of your influencer is just smart.

Pricing and Pitching

How much you pay for an influencer will most often be directly tied to the number of followers that influencer carries. So what kind of fees are we talking about? Typically rates start around $250 (for influencers with a following of 10 to 100 thousand followers) and top out at $100,000 (50 million-plus followers).

There are some differences of opinion about the effectiveness of larger influencers being worth that expense. Some marketers are suggesting using more niche type influencers who may not have 10 million followers. Regardless of the strategy, you are paying for the influencer and buying an audience with their followers.

Reaching out to influencers is simple. This is a good deal for you and them. Sell them on the quality of your company or brand. Paint the picture of how their image will only improve through a relationship with your company – and be creative. Think of your pitch as an opportunity to test-run a marketing ad.

Influencer Marketing Works

There is more than enough reliable and consistent evidence to validate the reasoning for using an Instagram influencer. These numbers are a part of that picture:

With 600 million users there are 600 million reasons to consider Instagram’s platform and billions of dollars in revenue being generated. Can you afford not to work with an Instagram influencer?

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