Add funds to carrier account

Requires approval from [email protected] before use...

Adds funds to a carrier account using the payment information on file.


  • You'll need a carrierCode to make this API call.
  • To find a specific carrierCode, make an API Call to list the carriers associated with your account.

The body of this request should specify the following attributes:

Name Data Type Description
carrierCode string The carrier to add funds to.

amount number The dollar amount to add to the account. The minimum value that can be added is $10.00. The maximum value is $10,000.00.


Example Request

POST /carriers/addfunds HTTP/1.1
Authorization: __YOUR_AUTH_HERE__
Content-Type: application/json

  "carrierCode": "fedex",
  "amount": 20

Example Response

  "name": "",
  "code": "stamps_com",
  "accountNumber": "SS123",
  "requiresFundedAccount": true,
  "balance": 24.14