Get Rates

Retrieves shipping rates for the specified shipping details. The body of this request should specify the following attributes:

Name Data Type Description
carrierCode string, required Returns rates for the specified carrier.
serviceCode string, optional Returns rates for the specified shipping service.
packageCode string, optional Returns rates for the specified package type.
fromPostalCode string, required Originating postal code.
fromCity string, optional Originating city.
fromState string, optional Originating state.
fromWarehouseId string, optional Originating warehouse ID. The fromCity and fromState fields will take precedence over the fromWarehouseId field if all three are entered.
toState string, optional Destination State/Province. Please use two-character state/province abbreviation. Note this field is required for the following carriers: UPS
toCountry string, required Destination Country. Please use the two-letter ISO Origin Country code.
toPostalCode string, required Destination Postal Code.
toCity string, optional Destination City.
weight Weight, required Shipment's weight. Use Weight object.
dimensions Dimensions, optional Shipment's dimensions. Use Dimensions object.
confirmation string, optional The type of delivery confirmation that is to be used once the shipment is created. Possible values: none, delivery, signature, adult_signature, and direct_signature. direct_signature is available for FedEx only.
residential boolean, optional Carriers may return different rates based on if the address is commercial (false) or residential (true). Default value: false

Example Request

POST /shipments/getrates HTTP/1.1
Authorization: __YOUR_AUTH_HERE__
Content-Type: application/json

  "carrierCode": "fedex",
  "serviceCode": null,
  "packageCode": null,
  "fromPostalCode": "78703",
  "toState": "DC",
  "toCountry": "US",
  "toPostalCode": "20500",
  "toCity": "Washington",
  "weight": {
    "value": 3,
    "units": "ounces"
  "dimensions": {
    "units": "inches",
    "length": 7,
    "width": 5,
    "height": 6
  "confirmation": "delivery",
  "residential": false

Example Response

    "serviceName": "FedEx First Overnight®",
    "serviceCode": "fedex_first_overnight",
    "shipmentCost": 87.8,
    "otherCost": 2.63
    "serviceName": "FedEx Priority Overnight®",
    "serviceCode": "fedex_priority_overnight",
    "shipmentCost": 50.23,
    "otherCost": 1.51
    "serviceName": "FedEx Standard Overnight®",
    "serviceCode": "fedex_standard_overnight",
    "shipmentCost": 46.96,
    "otherCost": 1.41
    "serviceName": "FedEx 2Day® A.M.",
    "serviceCode": "fedex_2day_am",
    "shipmentCost": 23.04,
    "otherCost": 0.69
    "serviceName": "FedEx 2Day®",
    "serviceCode": "fedex_2day",
    "shipmentCost": 20.03,
    "otherCost": 0.6
    "serviceName": "FedEx Express Saver®",
    "serviceCode": "fedex_express_saver",
    "shipmentCost": 14.28,
    "otherCost": 0.43
    "serviceName": "FedEx Ground®",
    "serviceCode": "fedex_ground",
    "shipmentCost": 8.25,
    "otherCost": 0.33