Carnivore Club


When it comes to charcuterie, look no further than Carnivore Club. Winner of Canada Post’s eCommerce award for Most Creative Marketing Campaign, these folks know their meats & cheeses.

Where They Sell
“ShipStation is an important partner to Carnivore Club and has become the backbone of our fulfillment operations.” Tim Ray

How did the idea for a subscription-based—literal—carnivore club come to be?

Love of meat, charcuterie, and social gatherings…My partner, Matthew Cloutier and I thought that a club to accompany the wine, beer, and cheese clubs would be 1) an instant hit and 2) very complementary to people already familiar with and/or enjoying these other clubs. The world of charcuterie is relatively new in North America and there are many artisans combining the old world art of curing meat with new world inspired recipes.

What would your perfect box of meat include?

My perfect box would include every type of protein imaginable: Venison Carpaccio, Water Buffalo Bresaola, Rabbit Terrine, Duck Breast Proscuitto, Berkshire Pork Pancetta and Wild Boar & Truffle Salumi.

Has your marketing strategy changed at all after winning Canada Post’s eCommerce award for Most Creative Marketing Campaign?

Winning our award has really affirmed our marketing approach: Be bold and engaging in our message. Always entertain. Cultivate our tribe of carnivores.

How has ShipStation helped you with your business?

ShipStation is an important partner to Carnivore Club and has become the backbone of our fulfillment operations.

What’s your favorite ShipStation feature?

Our favourite feature is the tracking confirmation email that allows our customer to track their packages in the mail.

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