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ShipStation© helped Ugmonk

Be Ready for Success

Success is wonderful, but it can become stressful when you start getting into the fulfillment process and try to scale. ShipStation helped Ugmonk be ready to “bring on the orders.”

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You'll wonder how you ever lived without us.

All your orders, from everywhere, automagically 
We integrate with all the most popular shopping carts and marketplaces so you don’t have to. No more copying and pasting just to create a label. We import all your orders for you.

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Ship using your favorite carrier
However you ship today is how you can ship tomorrow, just a ton more easily. You can mix & match creating labels for UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, OnTrac, & others in batches of hundreds of labels at a time. (Packing slips, too!)

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Access ShipStation from anywhere
We’re 100% in the cloud, which means we are web-based so you can use us anytime, without installing a single bit of software. As long as you’re using a modern computer that can connect to the internet, you can ship!

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Save with discounted rates
Have awesome rates from UPS? (Or FedEx or somebody else?) We can pull them in for you! You also get free USPS postage accounts for super discounted USPS rates as a part of your subscription to ShipStation.

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Automate pretty much everything
Import, sort, and process your orders just the way you want them. No one allows as much automation or customization as we do (and we promise it’s really easy).

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