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ShipStation is here to bring ease to your shipping processes for Kickstarter and wherever else you ship. We’re web-based, so you can access your orders and backer information anywhere and never have to worry about maintaining software. With our wide range of integrations with marketplaces, shopping carts, carriers, and other partners, you can wield ShipStation as one of the most powerful tools in your e-commerce toolbox.


ShipStation can help you:

  1. Import your backers’s orders through a simple CSV import and sync new orders from over 60 selling platforms including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and other popular selling channels so that you can start offering your product to the world!
  2. Manage orders from Kickstarter and dozens of other channels in our easy-to-use shipping tool.
  3. Create labels for all the major carriers, including USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, and more! Not to mention, save money with a free USPS provider account with discounted rates.
  4. Email shipping updates to your backer after you create a shipping label in ShipStation to let your backer know that their order has shipped.

How to Fulfill Kickstarter with ShipStation


Fulfilling Kickstarter Orders with ShipStation

Pixelmech’s Tom Dell’aringa dives into how he uses ShipStation to fulfill his Kickstarter campaigns simply, efficiently, and most importantly, quickly. From what you need to get started to what ShipStation does, this is a crash course from a Kickstarter veteran.

Kickstarter User Success Stories



Nice, Inc.







You might describe Nice, Inc.’s Jim as a Kickstarter addict—he’s been part of 3 successful campaigns!
 With an original goal of $20,000, Spurcycle wound up raising over $330,000 in their Kickstarter.
FLUXMOB’s Justin & Alan believe preparation and research will lead to a fulfilling—and successful—Kickstarter.

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