The Holiday Shopping Trends Report

Winning Customers Despite Uncertainty

This holiday season will continue to see changes in how and what shoppers buy. We’ve polled consumers and merchants to get the full scope of how online sellers can attract the most customers given the economic outlook.

Learn what customers plan on buying, where they’re cutting back, and what you can do to keep order volume up and fulfillment costs down. 


Consumers and merchants under pressure from rising costs

A significant proportion of American consumers are financially distressed as living costs rise


of American shoppers are concerned but secure with rising inflation and holiday spending. 


are undeterred by rising costs and plan to go ahead with holiday spending as planned. 


are distressed by the growing costs and will be greatly cutting back on holiday shopping.


are stretched spenders that will be cutting some spending on both gifts and other spendings this holiday season.

“Inflation and economic uncertainty are forcing consumers to rethink their spending priorities this holiday season. To combat this, merchants must proactively formulate a holiday season game plan. This includes re-examining and improving the experience they offer: from the moment an order is placed online through last-mile delivery.”

Robert Gilbreath, General Manager, ShipStation

Financial anxiety is driving consumers to reduce spending 

While many merchants remain optimistic about sales this holiday season, customers have their own concerns. We’ve seen that a large portion of shoppers are most distressed about their spending in the areas that they spend the most money—apparel, electronics, toys, and house-hold items. Guiding customers through the checkout process will take more effort than years past. Luckily, we have more insights to help you better understand and offer a great shopping experience that still protects your profit margins.

How consumers are cutting back spend across retail categories

Shipping Story

Learn How Merchants Keep Shipping Time and Costs to a Minimum

“Our growth has been monumental. Before it was taking two to three minutes for every single order. When we do our candle subscription, it’s like 600+ orders. Now, we can come in, refresh ShipStation… and you can print them all out in 45 seconds.”

Lauren Lowe, The Burlap Bag

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