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Last Touch, Lasting Impact

A look at how shipping
impacts conversion

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We surveyed nearly 1,300 North American consumers to uncover what customers really expect during the shipping process and how these expectations have changed over time. For instance, we discovered:

  • 1 in 3 customers treats online shopping as an at-home dressing room—expecting to try out different products and return some of their ordered merchandise.
  • 90% of consumers say a poor shipping experience, such as late delivery or damaged merchandise, negatively impacts their perception of a retailer, even if it was a carrier issue.
  • 76% of customers factor both the cost and ease of returns into their final decision.
  • Customers overwhelmingly prefer slower, free shipping when purchasing for themselves, but they are 76% more likely to pay for express shipping when buying gifts.

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Lasting Impact"

With an anticipated two billion online shoppers by 2021, there are many opportunities to attract more customers. Knowing what they expect from delivery can give you the upper hand over your competition and let your brand stand out. Download your free copy of our shipping guide to learn how to meet customer's shipping expectations to increase cart conversion today.