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Connex Inventory Planner

Automatically manage inventory and maximizes sales without overstocking

Automatically manage your inventory from all your marketplaces in one dashboard. Customize Connex to your business with the proprietary Rules Engine.

The Connex Inventory Planner is a turnkey solution for multichannel sellers on Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, and ShipStation to free you from spreadsheets so you can manage your inventory automatically and effortlessly. Our intuitive dashboard gives you an overview of your orders, sales, refunds, and revenue by month, marketplace, or product giving you actionable items to regain control of your business. The profits report takes into account your fees, including ShipStation cost and QuickBooks average cost. Connex’s customizable notifications help you to order the right stock of seasonal products and maximize profits from the busy season and strategically decide which products to discontinue. The ads module will maximize your ROI from marketing, and forecasting is based on your past sales history so you can order the right amount of inventory. You can sync product changes to other selling channels, including new or updated products, ensuring consistency across all your marketplaces.

Free yourself from spreadsheets
Automatically managing inventory across all your marketplaces in one dashboard

Customize to your business
Gain actionable insights to increase sales and reduce costs with our proprietary Rules Engine

Expand your business while minimizing costs
Optimize marketing efforts and maximize return on ads using ads module

Minimize cash tied up in overstock
Use forecasting tool to maximize sales from bestsellers without overstocking

Reduce expenses
​​​​​​​Eliminate the sale of unprofitable products based on accurate historical data

Simplify communication with your team
Easily create accurate inventory reports and share them with stakeholders

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