About Evobox

Inventory off? Postage too high? Customer Service stretched too thin? Orders taking too long to get out? Evobox fixes these issues. Through extreme organization and attention to the small details, Evobox takes on the most complicated parts of your business and simplifies them.

Evobox and ShipStation sync together so that your orders quickly import and get shipped out twice a day. Their shipping experts know the best method for your packages to ship so that you save money and your customers are happy. They have been where you are. They saw what was lacking and started shipping for themselves. In fact, Evobox found their solutions to be so effective that six years later, they have put all efforts into shipping. When companies ship with Evobox, they have more free time and they are able to put more focus into growth. It’s as simple as that. Evolve your company, grow it with Evobox.

Top Merchandise Specialties

  • Nutraceuticals / Vitamins / Health Products
  • Apparel / Fashion
  • Electronics

Services Offered

  • Same-day shipping
  • Responsive customer service
  • Client portal to see real-time inventory, reports, and order statuses
  • Transparent pricing without hidden fees


  • American Fork, Utah

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