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Evron Computer Systems Corp.

Evron is a leading IT solutions provider that delivers applications fully tailored for specific industry needs, enabling organizations to be more efficient and profitable. 

About Evron Computer Systems Corp.

Since 1983, Evron has been committed to helping its clients compete in this world of change. With award-winning SAAS and on-premise ERP applications, we deliver projects that will help you become more efficient and profitable. Recognized and awarded for its work has allowed Evron to be a Premium Partner with leading companies including Microsoft, IBM, Spire, Acumatica, and more. Our partnerships give us the ability to fully tailor leading applications to business needs as we have for hundreds of other businesses across the continent. 

Our solutions cover all industries from eCommerce to Field Service and Royalty Management. They are tightly integrated into each organization, allowing information to flow smoothly throughout the business.

Solutions are built with adaptivity in mind, considering current needs while future-proofing the product so our customer is leading their industry with a competitive edge in a digital age. Customers also take advantage of our full range of professional services.

Key Features

  • Directly connect to major carriers i.e. UPS, FedEx, DHL, Purolator, and Canada Post with a single integration.
  • Reduce data entry errors with automated order information. Send all relevant information, order item details, weight, and dimensions directly from Spire to Shipstation without the need to re-enter data. 
  • Sales order: Shipment data tracking info written automatically to Spire from Shipstation.
  • Zero downtime: Accept order in Spire and see it in Shipstation in seconds
  • Can be set up within a day remotely

ShipStation ♥ Evron Computer Systems Corp.

Evron’s partnership with Shipstation helps small to medium size businesses optimize inventory, automate routine tasks, connect with a customer-facing B2B + B2C eCommerce sites, and drive efficiencies across all business processes. 

Receive, process, and ship orders on one powerful system. Evron’s Spire integration with Shipstation enables users to take advantage of an integral part of a business’ workflow. Users can manage all of their business processes on one platform, creating one single source of truth for leaders. This integration does not rely on another application or intermediary screen, you can manage and control everything right from Spire ERP.


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