Gauge is a dedicated team of creators, strategists, marketing mentors, and developers working to guide clients through ecommerce business growth.

About Gauge

There are a lot of ways to describe Gauge: An eCommerce agency, a marketing mentor, a web dev shop. In basic terms, they work with internet retailers to build excellent sites and marketing campaigns. They are also a Magento Business partner and a Shopify Plus partner. But those descriptions don’t really capture the what; they describe the how. What Gauge does is much simpler: They build trust to provide transformation.

What they do is bigger; it’s bigger than building websites or writing copy or designing interfaces. They do this work for people who built their businesses from nothing and have to constantly adapt in very challenging ways. Gauge understands that their clients need someone in their corner, someone they can count on to guide them through the ever-shifting eCommerce maze. Gauge is just that—a guide—and the things they do have a genuine impact on real human lives.

Gauge Features We Support

Work with clients to make sure their shipping fits their business

Provide ongoing monitoring, support, and consultation for shipping needs

Assist with shipping integrations with Amazon and other marketplaces

Work with clients to integrate ShipStation with their eCommerce platform

ShipStation ♥ Gauge

Gauge and ShipStation work together with clients to provide shipping solutions for businesses that truly work. ShipStation provides a product that helps Guage customers to make sure their shipping works as efficiently as possible to save them time and money.


  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Shopify Plus

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