Send personalized emails based on shipping events & status

Klaviyo accelerates revenue for online businesses using channels their clients own such as email, web, mobile and SMS.

About Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a world-leading marketing automation platform dedicated to accelerating revenue and customer connection for online businesses using the channels they own like email, web and mobile. Enabling brands to leverage these owned marketing channels, Klaviyo makes it easy to store, access, analyze and use transactional and behavioral data to power highly-targeted customer and prospect communications. The platform processes billions of consumer activities, or data events, every month and makes them available in real-time to fuel better targeting, deeper analysis, and more effective marketing.


The Klaviyo and ShipStation integration allow shipping events and status to sync with your Klaviyo account. Those can be used for segmentation, to trigger email flows, and email personalization.

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