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Order Tagger Integration

Add, remove, delay, or backdate order tags to seamlessly automate order management workflows.

Shop Circle’s Order Tagger: Boost e-commerce automation with customized order tags.

Are you looking for ways to improve efficiency and drive more revenue? To be competitive in a global market, you’ll need to use every piece of tech at your disposal—so harness and boost the power of automation with the ultimate auto mag manager: Order Tagger! Increased automation means more efficient order management workflows,time saves, and streamlined fulfilment processes all while deepening customer engagement and unlocking conversion focus.


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  • Focus on the important work. Automate order management.
    Add, remove, delay, and backdate order tags to better manage and automate orders on Shopify.
  • Save time with tag manager
    Reduce repetitive work for a human with automatic tags that can trigger necessary order management actions.
  • Organise order more efficiently
    Create unlimited, custom workflows based on your unique criteria and business needs.
  • Streamline fulfilment
    Connect seamlessly with ShipStation and know what to do with orders directly from the Shopify Admin page.

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