Built for ecommerce, eDesk by xSellco gives online sellers the ability to streamline queries from all sales channels into one, unified, easy-to-use helpdesk.

About eDesk by xSellco

eDesk by xSellco puts all the data you need to solve a problem right there in front of you, so you can send fast, personalized responses. Order details, delivery information, and any previous communication are automatically matched with incoming queries so you can resolve tickets and get back to selling. Only eDesk natively integrates with all the marketplaces and channels you sell on, plus all leading shopping carts, fulfillment & inventory software, and social channels.

Key Features

One space for all your integrations
Whether you sell on one site, or multiple channels, receive and resolve customer queries from all your online marketplaces and channels, including social and shipping. Our native integrations within eDesk ensure that all of the information you require is brought together in one place and in real time.

Customer Sidebar – One view for faster action
At one glance get all aspects of a customer interaction. Conversation and order history is tied to a comprehensive profile. The native integration pulls in current order details as well as live shipping information with the sidebar so you can evaluate faster. A good rating means more sales. Now you can beat SLA’s and get rewarded for it. Send or block review requests to help keep your ratings high.

Dashboard – Real-time, dynamic insights
An overview of response performance let you manage resources more effectively. Always get an overview of your SLA compliances, so you can keep beating them. Real-time data on sales means instant visibility on all your orders.

Rules – Intelligent routing
Unlimited customizable rules make it easy to assign incoming tickets to the agents best suited to solve each query. Smart workload management means a faster resolution.

Responses – One-click A.I replies
Built on the industry knowledge of managing over 10.25 million messages every month, their machine learning technology will learn to offer you sophisticated responses suited to your customers.

 ShipStation ♥ eDesk by xSellco

eDesk by xSellco was built to simplify the customer support process for online sellers. Whether you sell on your own website or on multiple channels around the world, all your tickets and order details are centralized in one place for quick resolution. By connecting eDesk with ShipStation, sellers can track order fulfillment with a single click and see all the information specific to that delivery.


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