In-Cart Delivery Options

Merchants can control the shipping options presented to customers at checkout. Create customizable free, flat-rate, and live-rate shipping options for any of your carriers in ShipStation.

Currently Available for: Shopify and BigCommerce.


When customers go to checkout on your website you want them to see your available shipping options. Customers get the freedom to choose their preferred method, while you get to maintain complete control over your shipping strategy.


"I love being able to provide customers my shipping options at checkout. It's more accurate for them and they can save time and money with these options."

Join the many happy users who have leveraged our In-Cart Delivery Options feature!


New Feature

Benefits of In-Cart Delivery Options

  • Show accurate shipping rates in cart
  • Allow customers to spend more on shipping if they want expedited services
  • Apply discounts to customers on their shipping
  • Easily provide a "Free Shipping" option
  • Provide live rates and remove the risk of over or underpaying carriers
  • Domestic and International delivery services

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