Bandcamp provides musicians and record labels with a platform to distribute music directly to fans so fans can easily support the artists they love.

About Bandcamp

Bandcamp is a global music community where fans can discover and connect with artists and labels, and directly compensate them for their work. Connect your Bandcamp account to ShipStation to collate all of your merchandise orders and to streamline your shipping process.

Bandcamp Features We Support

  • Fans: Get instant streaming of your purchases, follow your favorite artists, keep a wishlist, showcase your collection, and explore the music of like-minded fans.
  • Artists: Sell directly to your fans with total control over your music and pricing. Easy access to your customers’ data, real-time stats, music chart reporting, and more.
  • Labels: Unified accounting and stats across all your artists, a single fulfillment interface for all your merch, direct payments on a per release basis, and a whole lot more.

ShipStation ♥ Bandcamp

Bandcamp’s integration with ShipStation makes it simple for your shipping department to manage and ship orders from Bandcamp. You can collate those orders with any orders from other sites and platforms. It’s also possible to print shipping labels and mark items as shipped with the simple click of a button. 

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