About blubolt

blubolt is an experienced ecommerce agency building memorable, made-to-measure solutions that delight customers and see brands authentically represented online. blubolt builds on two powerful platforms; Shopify Plus and bluCommerce, designing creative-led, made-to-measure sites. These sites place a strong focus on user journey, and see real results in terms of conversion, bounce rate, AOV and more.

For over a decade bluebolt has worked closely with a diverse client list including Hush, Seasalt, Frugi, Adnams and Robert Welch. blubolt enjoys long-lasting relationships with the brands they work alongside; at blubolt there are no sales targets, no upsells and no faceless team you never get to know beyond an email address. blubolt knows that successful ecommerce requires true collaboration, and takes time to get to know the people who power the brands they represent. Their goal is to seamlessly integrate into your business like an expert internal team, keeping you informed with the latest industry developments, and at the cutting edge of modern ecommerce.

Available blubolt Features

  • Shopify Plus: blubolt has partnered with this leading enterprise ecommerce platform to offer exceptional functionality at an impressive price point.
  • Brand retail expertise: blubolt understands the specific design and build requirements needed to make brand retailers truly excel online.
  • Total transparency: there are no sales targets, no upsells and no faceless team you never get to know beyond an email address.
  • Creative led process: no one size fits all approach, blubolt’s extensive creative process will ensure that your brand is authentically communicated online.
  • Industry Expertise: over a decade of experience in building high performing, beautiful ecommerce sites for some of the UK’s best-loved brands.


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