Bonanza is a top rated marketplace that concentrates on letting merchants start selling quickly and easily. ShipStation and Bonanza sync, helping your business grow.


Bonanza marketplace focuses on helping eCommerce merchants sell “Everything But The Ordinary,” while ShipStation focuses on providing extraordinary shipping efficiency. You can enjoy a no-cost USPS provider with ShipStation’s Bonanza eCommerce shipping integration, tracking and low seller fees with Bonanza marketplace. With our two systems combined, along with wherever else you sell, you can save time and money on Bonanza marketplace tracking, shipping and ecommerce order fulfillment .


Full Product Data

Your product SKU, Name, Price, and Image import into ShipStation along with your orders so that you can quickly create pick lists and packing slips.

Customer-selected Shipping Method

We’ll import the shipping method that the customer selected in Bonanza so that you can map it once (and done) to the appropriate shipping carrier, service, and package type.

Buyer Notes

The Buyer Checkout Message from Bonanza marketplace will import into ShipStation so that you can make note of any special instructions for packaging.

Item Specifics

Item specifics can be configured to import into a custom field upon request.

Transmits Tracking Data back to Marketplace

As soon as you create a label, ShipStation submits the tracking number and shipped order status back to Bonanza marketplace to keep all your orders in sync.

Automatic Feedback Submission

Once an order ships, we can automatically send positive feedback on your behalf back to Bonanza.

About Bonanza Marketplace

Bonanza is a top-rated marketplace where you can find “Everything But The Ordinary,” focused on letting merchants start selling online quickly and easily with free listings, super-low final value fees, and automatic publication of all products to Google and Bing. Essentially, the Bonanza marketplace platform allows sellers to make sales and build a brand by developing relationships with the customers. Add Bonanza marketplace as another place to sell and link it up with ShipStation to ship as quickly as you sell!


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