Celeritech provides a complete demand fulfillment cloud-based platform for 3PL and e-commerce operations to simplify the entire process and improve customer satisfaction.

About Celeritech

Celeritech is the SAP Innovation-award winner dedicated to helping 3PLs, wholesale and distribution companies, and manufacturers who manage serials or lots.

With offices in 6 countries focused on growing companies who want to scale, to reduce inefficiencies in their businesses to serve their clients better, and also require all the business functions in one single platform.

EZ Digital-T is the complete cloud-based supply chain solution integrated with Shipstation for 3PLs, for manufacturing and distribution companies who sells online. It has been developed by Celeritech using SAP BUSINESS ONE as the backbone, the worldwide bullet-proof technology to run any business better.

Their customer-centric solutions have you and your clients always in mind providing complete solutions from setup to training and daily bilingual support when you need the most, making your life easier.

EZ Digital-T extends Shipstation capabilities with mobile warehouse management, Container Management, Customer WebPortal, EDI, Analytics, and Financials when needed.

Key Features

Sync orders
Import all of your orders automatically from your selling channels linked to Shipstation into EZ Digital-T.

Avoid overselling: Update Stock
Update stock in your selling channels automatically: when you get a sale in a sales channel, EZ Digital T keep accurate stock counts accordingly across the rest.

Receive stock faster: Get Products
Get new products from the selling channels BEFORE you receive them in your warehouse and update all the product information such as image, measurements, weights at once.

Gain efficiency during order processing
Easy and reliable warehouse mobile and order fulfillment solution to support FBA prep services and dropship business models, and manage inventory using RFID or scanners to receive, pick, label, and ship accurate and faster:

  • Plan your demand with one click in all your warehouse for all your products
  • Manage the procurement process
  • Get rates automatically during order creation and choose the best price-option available for your shipment
  • Print labels from your mobile warehouse
  • Update tracking information into Shipstation

Our Contribution

  • A complete package to stay focused and get peace of mind.
  • Easy to use
  • Scalable and personalized
  • Multi-channel sales strategy
  • Includes setup, training, and support ensuring you don’t have to go at it alone.
  • Customer-extended support and help desk available.

EZ Digital-T & Shipstation
Connecting EZ Digital-T & Shipstation offer the opportunity to run the fulfillment daily operation and scale your entire business with the peace of mind you can rely on SAP to run the business process and to get accurate reports when your business needs it.


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