EBCFO guides growth stage ecommerce companies by helping understand the numbers behind their operations, and using them to drive sustainable growth.


Getting the accounting in place is the first major hurdle for eCommerce companies – the next one is usually “I have all this data, now what?”  This is where we can help.  At EBCFO, our goal is to let the numbers become a roadmap, helping quantify the impact of the decision you make so you can grow with confidence.  As fractional CFOs, we look at ways to increase your company’s health by advising on everything from inventory planning and securing financing, to analyzing the effectiveness of marketing and sales spending.

For long-term growth, we help align your founding vision with your growth trajectory.  We identify key cost drivers, develop financial models and project future cash flow.  We tailor our relationships to grow with our clients. From event-based projects to monthly analysis, our services can grow as your needs grow.  Reach out. Tell us your founder’s story and let us see where we can help you along the journey.


EBCFO’s Key Features

  • Financial and non-financial metrics and analysis
  • End-to-end software stack deployment, from sale to fulfillment and financial reporting
  • Advisory services, from cash-flow needs to what-if scenario planning
  • Handle all of your finance and accounting needs, from day-to-day accounting to project-specific CFO consulting.


ShipStation ♥ EBCFO

By helping clients deploy and maintain high-quality cloud-based systems, and working with them to use that data for decision making, EBCFO helps clients build long-term sustainable businesses.  ShipStation fills a vital role in the eCommerce stack, and its deep reporting functionality in the fulfillment process provides actionable data to pursue competitive advantages and de-risk potential problem areas.


  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Shopify Plus
  • WooCommerce

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