You can use the Order Desk web service to quickly and easily import all your FoxyCart’s hosted ecommerce platform orders into ShipStation.

About FoxyCart

FoxyCart is built specifically for web professionals who need a powerful and flexible eCommerce platform to deliver eCommerce sites to their merchant clients. In order to sync FoxyCart orders with ShipStation, you must have an Order Desk account which serves as the bridge between the two systems. Order Desk offers several different plans, including a couple of free options. For more information, see the Order Desk website.

FoxyCart Features We Support

Product Name, SKU, Image, Weight, Variations

Requested Shipping Service

Tracking Number, Carrier, and Shipping Method report back to Order Desk
Order Desk can update FoxyCart order as “Visible” or “Not-Visible”

Gift Messages
Merchant must configure Gift Message to import in Order Desk settings. If gift message is present, ShipStation recognizes the order as a “Gift”.


ShipStation ♥ FoxyCart

Order Desk exists to provide an easy way to manage and fulfill FoxyCart orders. By connecting FoxyCart with ShipStation using Order Desk, FoxyCart customers can save time and money through ShipStation’s automation features and discounted USPS postage rates.

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