GroopDealz, provides sellers with a unique, boutique marketplace to sell your products, while ShipStation helps you get your orders out the door.

About GroopDealz

GroopDealz, is a premium handpicked boutique marketplace, where customers and shops discover and sell the best items at discounted prices.

GroopDealz Features We Support

Customizable Product Support
We’ll import the Product SKU, Title, and Deal ID, as well as line item order numbers to give you the flexibility to combine orders or ship separately. Shopper’s request for customizable products import into ShipStation to help with order fulfillment.

Shipping Method and Tracking # Posted
We’ll send each order’s carrier and tracking number back to each GroopDealz customer once an order ships, then email your customer to let them know.

Buyer Notes
If a buyer leaves you notes on their order, you can see the notes in ShipStation when the order imports.

Customizable Shipping Confirmation E-mail
Especially handy for those who have more than one boutique, you can customize the shipping confirmation e-mail that is sent from ShipStation to your customer when the order ships.

ShipStation ♥ GroopDealz

Once you connect GroopDealz to ShipStation, your orders get imported automatically. From there, we notify your customers and then you’ll be able to quickly fulfill and ship all your orders. Streamline GroopDealz by connecting your boutique to ShipStation today!

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