Newgistics’s network spans across the entire United States to give you the best rates and now you can use ShipStation to create your shipping labels!

About Newgistics

Fulfillment, shipping and returns solutions from Newgistics leverage advanced data integration and patented technology to better align your distribution plan with your business strategy. It starts with seamless integration supporting multiple third-party marketplaces. As deliveries and returns are processed through our national network, robust data helps you improve processes and reduce costs across departments. On the consumer-facing side, customized tracking tools and automated email updates help your brand deliver exceptional experiences from device to doorstep.

Newgistics Features We Support

Seamless integration with your web services

National delivery network

CAPS account friendly

Consolidated fulfillment and shipping facilities

IMpb compliant

#1 USPS Parcel Return Service provider

End-of-day manifests automatically sent to Newgistics for easy record keeping

ShipStation ♥ Newgistics

It’s easy to start shipping with Newgistics and ShipStation. Once you have both accounts, simply give us your mailer ID, and you’ll be set to ship in no time flat!


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