NewLeaf is a full-cycle digital marketing agency that partners with lifestyle brands to guide clients on the smoothest path to rapid and sustainable growth.

About NewLeaf

NewLeaf supplements your existing digital marketing efforts wherever they may be lacking, with a focus on pursuing “low hanging fruit” to minimize your expenses and maximize your returns.

NewLeaf builds partnerships with its clients to promote mutual growth, and works with any number of additional partner companies, depending on client needs.  NewLeaf is proud to partner with ShipStation, whom they regard as the industry leader in ease of use, power, and customer satisfaction.

NewLeaf Features We Support

eCommerce Site Design and Development
Whether it’s making a small change to an existing store or developing a completely new site, NewLeaf provides the full suite of consulting for clients on best-practices, and helps determine what features make the most sense for the client’s timeline.

NewLeaf integrates “best practices” into every aspect of its development and marketing philosophy. Websites are created and configured to ensure they compete favorably on search engine results pages through the use of effective search engine optimization techniques. PPC campaigns are configured to target the bottom of the funnel and secure as much as possible, creating conversions and ensuring maximum return on ad spend. 

E-mail Marketing
NewLeaf e-mail marketing focuses on highly relevant and converting audiences, and as such, effort goes into creating strong remarketing blasts, new customer welcomes, browse abandonment and cart abandonment e-mails.

Product Photography & Videography
Product Photography is perhaps the single most important element of an eCommerce store.  NewLeaf conducts product photography and videography on-site, and can shoot on-location for lifestyle photography or location-specific asserts.

Mobile App Development
Mobile Applications are now more popular than ever, and it’s tough to know if they make sense for your business. NewLeaf supports merchants in identifying the market potential for a prospective app, and executes on the entire project from ideation, to design, to development, to post-launch marketing.

ShipStation ♥ NewLeaf

NewLeaf provides app integration support, extension, and customization while ShipStation is the leading web-based shipping software, and partnership made for success.

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