PK Enterprises is a closed network supporting Canadian e-commerce and small business entrepreneurs with reduced shipping rates and custom logistics and technology solutions.

PK Enterprises buys and renews shipping services for their clients – getting the best price by combining the spend of companies just like yours.

About P.K. Enterprises

PK buys and renews shipping services for their clients, getting them the best price fast, and hassle-free, by combining the spend of similar companies within their portfolio. They then set up the shipping process for them within Shipstation.

Simply signing up for rates online will not get you the best price. Actually going through the process of contacting the carriers, providing data, navigating through rate charts and fees, and then negotiating is not a good use of your time. PK has the know-how and the spending power to get you what you need and up and running within days not months.

PK brings market knowledge and data-backed insights from reviewing prices across different businesses every day. Their ​clients have access to the best pricing at all times and at prices they could not otherwise get on their own.

PK will even leverage the shipping process that removes manual work and create automation based on customized Shipstation rules.

P.K. Enterprises’ Services

Discounted Shipping Rates
By combining the spend of similar companies, PK is able to secure discounted shipping rates from major Canadian carriers and offer those discounted rates to their clients. PK works with each carrier to ensure they have the rates, service level, and customer service support to save their clients time and money – now and for the future.

Pay for Performance
Pay for results, period. You only pay PK when you use their negotiated shipping rates within Shipstation. They do the work to earn your business.

PK strives to maximize your time and minimize clicks and mistakes. To make this a reality, they partner with Shipstation and leverage automation rules. This way you no longer have to think about things like which carrier to use for each shipment, your commercial invoices, and how to avoid extended area surcharges.

Shipping as a Competitive Advantage
When it comes to offering discounted shipping rates for Canadian carriers, PK gives you the buying power of larger companies so you can grow and compete. Coupled with ShipStation’s automation rules, the savings in time and money allow merchants to offer their customers added value through shipping, and achieve transit times that keep customers coming back. 

Ongoing Support
PK believes in customer service so much, they highlight it wherever possible. If you have any issues, you can talk to their team directly in any way that works best for you!


ShipStation ♥ P.K. Enterprises

P.K. Enterprises is a logistics consulting firm serving the Canadian market. PK is able to provide Canadian merchants with discounted shipping rates resulting in substantial savings. PK utilizes ShipStation to leverage automation rules that allow merchants to save substantial time in their operations. In short, P.K. Enterprises helps merchants get ship done with ShipStation and saves them time and money in the process…what’s not to love? 


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