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About Scout topShelf

topShelf is a cloud-based warehouse management system. With access from any device that can connect to the internet, you’ll have the oversight and control over your business from anywhere. From the small startup to the enterprise customer, topShelf has features that benefit businesses of all sizes.

topShelf Features We Support

Access topShelf from smartphone apps (iPhone, iPad, Android), handheld barcode scaneer, or any internet-enabled device. Don’t be tied down to your office!

Automatic Order Sync to topShelf
Orders flow from all of your stores directly to the warehouse to be fulfilled.

Order Accuracy
Ensure the right product gets sent to the right person. Every time! topShelf has barcoded verification for all products and orders.

Inventory Management
Inventory management is what topShelf does best! Get a live feed of what you have and where it is on any PC/Mac or mobile device.

Multi-Warehouse Compatibility
topShelf supports multiple warehouse configurations and links directly with the ShipStation warehouse feature!

Native Barcode Generator
Print your own barcodes, or use existing barcodes already on your products (UPC, etc). Barcoding is the best way to improve accuracy in your warehouse.

ShipStation ♥ Scout topShelf

topShelf and ShipStation are cloud-based softwares that put the tools you need for eCommerce success at your fingertips. Experience all that topShelf and ShipStation can do to improve accuracy and shipping for your business today!


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