Ship Simply uses data analysis of shipping and logistics ops to save e-commerce companies time and money, as well as improve customer experiences.

About Ship Simply

Ship Simply analyzes shipping and logistics data to find the root cause of your pain points and then offers solutions that save time and cuts costs — significantly. Recommending ShipStation, as well as helping customers thrive on the platform, is one of many ways Ship Simply can help. But they can also figure out:

  • Why your products get returned
  • Why your customers wait too long to receive orders
  • If your packaging costs more than it should
  • Why vendors are fining you for non-compliance
  • Where order mistakes are being made
  • How poor customer journeys are hurting your brand

Most importantly, Ship Simply can help you fix it. If something in your shipping or logistics operation is driving you crazy, or even if you think you can do better on time or costs (you definitely can), call Ship Simply for a free consultation now. You’ll sleep much better tonight.

Key Features

Decrease number of order returns
Data analysis to find out what products are being returned and why + design strategy for return reduction.

Get better packaging while still spending less
Analysis of packaging needs + design new, optimized packaging strategy

Decrease time to ship
Data analysis to find out what is affecting time-to-ship and find where process improvements and automations can decrease time to ship

Claim money you’re already owed from UPS/FedEx for shipments delivered not within guaranteed windows
Automate claiming of UPS Guaranteed Service Refunds and FedEx Moneyback Guarantee for packages delivered outside of compliance

Make the customer journey a delight, improving customer retention and brand value
Go through customer journey anonymously, analyze and recommend actionable steps for improvements

ShipStation ♥ Ship Simply

Gain a deeper understanding of your shipping insights with Ship Simply.

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