Ecommerce fulfillment for direct-to-consumer brands.

About ShippingTree

ShippingTree is the premier ecommerce fulfillment solution for direct-to-consumer brands. Send or direct inventory in bulk to a ShippingTree fulfillment center in the U.S., and they will quickly and accurately ship your products to your end customer. Their software gives you complete visibility over all of your shipping activity across all of your sales channels.

Top Merchandise Specialties

  • Electronics
  • Nutraceuticals / Vitamins / Health Products
  • Beauty / Cosmetics / Fragrances
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Apparel / Fashion

Services Offered

  • Live inventory and order data sync
  • Complete operational transparency
  • Ability to update orders until the moment it is shipped
  • Real-time shipping rates with substantial savings
  • Simple returns management
  • Dynamic shipping method mapping in partnership with ShipStation


  • Cypress, California
  • Columbus, Ohio

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