Social Lite has helped hundreds of Shopify merchants scale their stores with offer strategies, conversion rate optimization, email marketing, and advertising.

About Social Lite

Over the past 10 years, Social Lite has worked with hundreds of Shopify store owners around the globe to help them identify offer strategies that bring in new customers, and retain and grow the customer lifetime value of existing customers.

Their team of experienced Shopify Experts helps merchants optimize their on-site conversion rates, including improving the user experience and creating product pages that convert.

They have designed, set up, and sent thousands of emails for merchants helping them generate between 20 – 40% of their monthly revenue from emails alone.

Social Lite’s team of Media Buyers works tirelessly to ensure optimal ad spend on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube to get merchants the best possible Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) across multiple platforms.

Their #1 goal is to help Shopify merchants identify opportunities for growth and optimization at every stage of the Customer Value Journey.

Key Features

Grow your monthly revenue with data-driven sale and marketing strategies
Take the guesswork out of your offers, conversions, emails, and ads and make decisions based on data and proven strategies that work.

ShipStation ♥ Social Lite

The Social Lite partnership allows ShipStation users the opportunity to grow their Shopify store with data-driven e-commerce sales and marketing.


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