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Spark Shipping

Spark Shipping and ShipStation work together to route orders to 3rd party vendors in any format such as API, Web Service, EDI, CSV, etc.

About Spark Shipping

Spark Shipping allows you to route orders, receive tracking updates and receive inventory updates from manufacturers, warehouses, distributors, etc. where you do not hold the physical inventory.

Using Spark Shipping, orders can be sent to your vendor in any format that the vendor requires such as API, Web Service, EDI, CSV, etc.

Spark Shipping can split orders so that ShipStation and 3rd party vendors will receive only the items you choose. This way, the vendor does not see your ShipStation inventory and only the correct items are included in orders inside of ShipStation.

Spark Shipping Features We Support

Automatically receive inventory updates from suppliers

Automatically send orders to suppliers

Automatically receive tracking/shipment information from suppliers

Orders can be sent in any format your supplier requires

ShipStation ♥ Spark Shipping

Your ShipStation account is created as a Vendor in Spark Shipping. You can then choose which products are routed to ShipStation and which are routed to 3rd party vendors.

If we receive an order with items for both ShipStation and a 3rd party vendor, Spark Shipping will split this order by sending the correct items to ShipStaion and correct items to the 3rd party vendor.


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