Accelerate Growth with VL OMNI: Your trusted EU-GDPR compliant platform for agile and scalable iPaaS ecommerce integration. Top global multichannel merchants trust VL OMNI to guide their strategic growth and move data seamlessly through their infrastructure as they grow, expand, and accelerate their business.

VL OMNI Features We Support

Point-to-multipoint data movement:
Data from a single EDI or application source can be sent to multiple targets in a single workflow.

Strategic integration:
Strategic arrangement of VL OMNI Connectors means merchants can work with complex applications, unique technology stacks, and customized applications.

Integrations match corporate strategy and business rules:
VL OMNI’s integrations fit your business’ needs rather than forcing the business to change to fit the solution.

True real-time data movement:
Move data in scheduled batches or via webhooks for real-time data movement.

EDI and API integration in a single platform:
With over 25 years of history behind us, VL OMNI is an expert EDI provider as well as a API integration specialist.

ShipStation ♥ VL OMNI

VL OMNI, an agile point to multichannel data integration platform, brings their powerful platform to the growing ShipStation community. With ecommerce and mutlichannel merchants using ShipStation needing a reliable, agile, and scalable data integration solution to help their business reach new heights without being held back by poorly connected applications, VL OMNI is the only integration partner your business will need for years to come. With ShipStation and VL OMNI, retailers can extend the reach of their ShipStation dashboard into even more applications, also allowing retailers to match data movements with business rules in a single movement on an agile, scalable and elastic data integration platform. Move data like customers, orders, invoices, fulfilment notifications, product data and more seamlessly through your infrastructure as your business grows, expand and accelerate.

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