You can rely on X-Cart’s ecommerce platform along with ShipStation’s simplified shipping solution to help you create happy customers.

About X-Cart

X-Cart is the eCommerce platform that stands out against its competitors by offering enterprise features at an affordable price. X-Cart also provides premium support 24/7 directly from the vendor and a full stack of services including design, hosting, customization and app development. Offering both a hosted and a self-hosted solution with equally high degrees of customization, while being as flexible as an open-source platform and preserving the upgradeability. It is because of this, that it’s very likely your search for the best eCommerce website software ends on X-Cart.

X-Cart Features We Support

Complete Order Syncing:
Automatically import and sync complete order information from X-Cart. Information such as, recipient address, gift message, buyer’s notes and shipping method.

Import orders not only from X-Cart but also from your other sales channels, like Amazon, eBay and more.

Detailed Product Info:
Opening the order in ShipStation interface, you see all the product details. The item name, SKU, wight, images and options. You have all you need on file to pick and pack the order in seconds.

Automatic Shipping Updates:
Once the shipping label is created, ShipStation trasmits the carrier, tracking number and shipping status back to X-Cart which is relayed to the customer via a customizable email.

Version 4.4 or higher:
A free ready-made extension exists for both X-Cart 4 Classic (starting from v.4.4) and X-Cart 5 (all versions).

ShipStation ♥ X-Cart

X-Cart helps you to create an eCommerce store that converts. ShipStation cuts the time spent on shipping and fulfilling. The teamwork of the two is a sure way to run a successful online business and enjoy the process.


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