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Published on January 4, 2022
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Watching trends is essential to surviving as an online business. After all, market intelligence is key to staying ahead of the competition AND meeting your customers’ evolving desires. Converting mobile shoppers, applying new analytic tools and engaging customers more effectively can make a big difference in your sales and financial success. To help with that, check out our six 2017 eCommerce trends. We think you should consider these for your online store, maybe boost some sales!

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  • Data-Driven Insights

    Econsultancy found that 64 percent of marketers use data-driven insights. They use these to adapt marketing strategies and influence business decisions. You should too! Invest in digital analytic and reporting tools to provide evidence-based support for marketing decisions. For example, real-time signal-driven analytics allow retailers to assign tracking signals to every sales channel and conversion source. This follows the shopper to a purchase, abandonment or a bounce. It can help you better understand consumer behaviors in order to increase sales in 2017.

  • Real-Time Customer Engagement

    According to Gallup, fully engaged shoppers make 44 percent more visits per year to online retailers than disengaged shoppers. They also spend more per trip ($$$). Increase engagement with a live support channel—that can be chat, text, voice, or even social media based. Giving customers various ways to connect with you when they have a question will increase engagement.

  • Mobile Digital Assistants.

    Mobile is the fastest growing online shopping channel right now. Many online retailers have been slow to adopt the right tools to engage mobile consumers and facilitate their purchases. Did you know mobile digital assistants can accelerate the checkout process? They fill in the buyer’s name and address, as well as credit card information (if desired). That’s a real time-saver for shoppers navigating via thumb. Gartner predicted more than $2 billion in online shopping will be performed by mobile digital assistants by year-end 2016–a figure likely to grow exponentially in the coming year.

  • Automated return shipping.

    Market studies indicate that online shoppers value an easy, automated return service that includes free shipping. This is another trend that will strengthen in 2017, as more retailers adopt advanced technology tools in conjunction with their shipping partners. Offering a consumer-friendly return program reduces the perceived risk and makes it more likely for a shopper to complete the sale. ShipStation has spoken at length about returns (most recently last week). They’re an essential part of online shopping and shouldn’t/can’t be ignored or wished away. The easier your process, the happier you’re customer, the more likely they are to return!

  • Subscription-based selling.

    You can sell almost any product used regularly by consumers as a subscription-based model. Online retailers are already using this approach for specialty foods, wines, razor blades and other tons more. Many shoppers appreciate the convenience of getting their purchases automatically, while retailers enjoy a steady stream of ongoing revenue. Consider capitalizing on this new consumer preference trend. More on subscription services later this month or February!

  • Shoppable Videos.

    Consumers love watching videos on YouTube, Facebook or any other platform. So, why not place a popular product in a marketing video, and bring the shopper to your store with a quick and easy click? Adding shoppable videos to your marketing arsenal can streamline the transaction and generate more sales.

So, consider these six actionable 2017 eCommerce trends when planning your sales and marketing strategy for 2017. In a constantly changing marketplace, knowing your new options can make a big difference in your store’s financial success. And don’t stop at trends: check out WebRetailer’s 50+ Predictions for 2017 (pay special attention to #51!).

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