5 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Published on January 4, 2022
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Father’s Day is is less than a week away and if you procrastinated like me, you’re in panic-mode. Thankfully, ShipStation’s customers have you covered with amazing products fit for a father and they’re even holding Father’s Day sales.

Doc Elliott

When you think of “Dad,” I’ll bet you also think of “beard.” I’m sure every father has fond memories of growing a beard, shaving it off, and laughing at his children’s reactions. Austin, TX’s own Doc Elliott will help Pop maintain his facial hair in a way he never imagined. As a customer, my personal recommendation is for the Grooming Gift Set, which is everything Dad will need to keep his beard looking good and smelling as rugged as he is. Check-out with promo code POPSDAY20 for 20% off your order!

Offerman Woodshop

Is there anyone manlier than Duke Silver’s alter-ego, Ron Swanson (or is it the other way around?)? It turns out there is: the man behind the character, Nick Offerman, and his real-life woodshop, Offerman Woodshop. From tables to baseball bats to aprons and whiskey coasters, you’ll find everything Dad could ever need—and on sale until tonight (Tuesday, June 16th) at midnight. If I had to pick? The Whiskey Coasters and OWS Pop Top, to let Pop enjoy a cold drink of his choosing on Sunday.

MVMT Watches

Far too often, we’ve turned to our phones as our go-to time-teller. MVMT Watches is here to make the case for why that’s an immensely poor decision. Keeping it classy with a wide selection of bands and watch faces, these watches will come close to stopping time as they grab any and everyone’s attention. Help Dad standout and peruse MVMT’s Men’s Collection. We recommend the White / Tan Leather.

Duke Cannon

Self-proclaiming themselves as America’s Most American Brand, Duke Cannon‘s claim is hard to argue. From their Big Ass Brick of Soap to including a Stanley screwdriver, hammer, or hatchet in nearly every set, you’re bound to find something for a father that prefers the sights and smells of the outdoors to a computer screen. Right now, they have Gifts for Dad and of them, how could you say no the All American Field Box?


The folks at Huckberry let their selection speak for itself. One need only take a gander at their Father’s Day Gift Shop and see the truly awesome products they selected to know they care about Father’s Day. My choice would absolutely be one of Huckberry’s authentic dinosaur bone knives. You read that right—a knife with a real dinosaur bone handle. Give Dad the gift of a dinosaur!

And there it is! Five great companies with Father’s Day gifts galore. Now you just have to make a decision—an MVMT watch or Doc Elliott’s grooming kit? Offerman Woodshop’s candelabro or Duke Cannon’s soap & hatchet set? Huckberry’s dinosaur bone knife or their dinosaur bone AND amber knife? Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads from all of us at ShipStation!

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