Ecommerce Insights: The Best Way to Ship from the UK to USA 

Published on February 20, 2024
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Expanding your ecommerce horizons beyond your local market is a bold move that can result in real benefits. If you’re a UK-based online seller eyeing international customers, this guide is tailor-made for you – let’s delve into the crucial aspects you need to consider when shipping to the USA from the UK.

Why Should You Venture into UK to USA Shipping?

The thought of shipping your products to international destinations like the USA might be daunting at first, but remember, you already overcame the hurdles of establishing an ecommerce business! Shipping to America is an opportunity to tap into a larger customer base and increase your revenue. Many UK retailers hesitate when sending parcels to the USA due to concerns about costs outweighing profits. However, a well-informed approach can help you overcome these challenges and connect with customers globally.

When you conduct thorough research and make well-informed decisions, you can successfully reach customers all over the globe. With the rise of digital connectivity and a global marketplace, consumers are increasingly comfortable shopping from international sellers. This means that the demand for products from the UK can extend far beyond its shores. Seizing this opportunity requires a deep understanding of the intricacies of international shipping.

Products and Packaging – The Essentials of Sending Parcels to USA

When preparing your packages for shipping to America, consider the journey your parcels will undertake. Unlike domestic orders that primarily rely on sorting centres and trucks, international orders traverse different modes of transport, including planes and boats. Given the longer distance and multiple transit points, meticulous packaging becomes imperative. Evaluate the weight, value, and fragility of the contents of each package. Remember that liquids and powders need special packaging when being transported overseas. Considering whether the items are subject to any international regulations will also help ensure compliance.

Navigating Shipping Cost from UK to US, Delivery Time, and Strategies

Shipping costs have a lot of factors, from weight, dimensions, destinations, additional surcharges, and more. So when expanding your UK ecommerce to the US, understanding shipping costs and delivery timeframes is vital. Costs for shipping to America can range vastly as factors like weight, dimensions, and carrier choice influence it. To cut costs and get the cheapest shipping from the UK to the USA, choose carriers wisely, leverage shipping software like ShipStation, optimise packaging, and explore hybrid solutions. Import taxes and customs fees can also accumulate rapidly, and although it’s typical for your customers to handle these fees, you may opt to pay them yourself, which can be quite expensive. ShipStation is a great tool for understanding shipping costs by presenting all your orders in a clear layout, allowing you to compare carrier services to choose the most cost-effective rate and delivery time.

Shipping Carrier Comparison – Choosing the Right Partner for your Parcel to USA

Selecting the right shipping carrier is pivotal for successful international and USA shipping. For UK sellers, four main carriers stand out: Royal Mail, UPS, FedEx, and DHL Express. Each comes with its advantages, catering to different shipping needs. Royal Mail is notable for its wide reach, UPS offers seamless warehouse-to-delivery service, FedEx specialises in speedy options, and DHL is an expert in international customs.

As you evaluate carriers, consider your priorities and non-negotiables. Are costs a priority? Is speedy delivery essential? Once you’ve established your criteria, you can choose the carrier that aligns with your shipping goals.

Keeping Customers Informed Every Step of the Way

Shipping involves more than just getting the package from point A to point B; it’s about finding the best way to ship from the USA to the UK and ensuring a seamless and transparent experience for your customers. When your customers are purchasing from another country, they understandably have concerns about shipping times, tracking their order, and potential customs procedures. To provide exceptional customer service, keeping your customers informed at every step of the journey is crucial.

With ShipStation, you can offer real-time tracking updates to your customers, allowing them to monitor the progress of their orders from dispatch to delivery. This transparency not only keeps customers engaged but also alleviates anxiety about the whereabouts of their package. Additionally, automated notifications can be set up to inform customers about estimated delivery times and any potential customs-related delays. By proactively addressing these concerns, you build trust and loyalty with your customers, making them more likely to choose your brand for future purchases.

Navigating International Shipping with ShipStation

ShipStation is a valuable partner for UK sellers aiming to expand globally, offering a comprehensive suite of tools designed for seamless international shipping. The platform allows sellers to integrate with over 100 diverse selling channels, extending their reach to a global customer base.

ShipStation centralises carrier management, ensuring reliable deliveries that meet customer expectations, and offers time-saving automation of various manual tasks and workflows. It also enables sellers to enhance their brand’s image through professional, branded communications sent to customers.

Unlock Global Opportunities with ShipStation:

  • Easy Order Importing: Simplify your workload with automated order imports from various channels and marketplaces.
  • Streamlined Shipping Management: Utilise scan-based workflows and bulk updates for efficient shipment fulfilment.
  • Exclusive Shipping Discounts: Access up to 84% in shipping discounts.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Instantly update tracking information for your customers.

The shipping process, designed to mirror domestic simplicity, involves easy order importing, preference configuration, and hassle-free label printing, with ShipStation ensuring all forms align with the chosen carrier and destination.

Time to send parcels to the USA! 

Whether you’re a seasoned online seller or just starting your ecommerce journey, you can deliver excellence across borders with the best shipping services from the USA to the UK by utilising the best tools to navigate this complex landscape. So, are you ready to tap into global opportunities and optimise your international shipping strategy? With ShipStation as your partner, you can confidently expand your business, serve customers worldwide, and drive success in the global marketplace.

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